• Welcome to the new website

    Welcome to the new medical-geology.uk website. You are looking at the outward face of a new UK Chapter of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA). This website has three broad aims:

    1. Promote member involvement in socially, environmentally and economically relevant high impact medical geology research;
    2. Support and extend existing international resources on medical geology science;
    3. Provide a go-to site for young researchers (prospective, existing or newly qualified).

    It is not the intention for the site to compete with existing resources such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Twitter etc. but rather complement these by providing more focus on news worthy updates on relevant science and information.

    As a visitor to this website you are encouraged to become a member of IMGA and take part in our UK or international efforts. In this way you can influence and involve yourself with this exciting diverse interdisciplinary science area. IMGA members have their own affiliations which will of course be promoted, but it should be recognised that the views expressed in this site are personal rather than professional representations. This point should help foster the informal nature of the group and friendliness in sharing that should follow.

    You will see that we have included a photographic / graphical section to the website. This is aimed to capture some of the diversity of medical geology science and its applications – if you have photos or graphics that you would like to share, please get in touch using the ‘contact-us’ button at the top of the page. I think this is one of many contemporary approaches to dissemination, so I hope the intention pays dividend and you find it engaging.

    I hope you enjoy visiting this site and watching our group develop over the next few years. Please do take the opportunity to share the link as well as your thoughts on our efforts using relevant social, professional and academic media sites.

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